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10 Vegan Valentine's Day Date Ideas | Pandemic Friendly

Whether you’re in a vegan coupling or want to take a vegan out on a date, this blog is for you! With Valentine’s Day coming up in the midst of a pandemic, your options might be limited; but your options might be even more limited if you’re new to the vegan scene and you’re not sure what to do with the vegan person you are interested in.

The following is a list of 10 fun activities that are vegan friendly and should be somewhat acceptable to partake in during a pandemic.

Of course, if you haven’t already been in a quarantine pod with this person, you should consider doing these activities only if A) you both recently tested negative for Covid-19 or B) you can do them masked and or socially distanced. There’s no harm in calling any of these venues or activities ahead of time to see what can be done safely. So in no way shape or form am I suggesting you do any of these things if you don’t think appropriately safe during this pandemic, so just a heads up to stay safe and healthy out there!

But without further delay, let’s get into the fun activities!

1. Vegan Picnic

This is an activity that can be tacked on to the end a number of the following activities. Pack up a cooler with a fun vegan charcuterie board, or some vegan sandwiches and snacks from your local health store. Don’t forget the vegan wine! You can check for a list of acceptable vegan wines on

2. Drive-In Movie

This would be a really cute date especially in the back of a pick-up truck. Bring some yummy vegan snacks, or the picnic mentioned above, and enjoy a good ol’ drive in movie! Check out this list of drive-in theater options in Los Angeles.

3. Fruit & Vegetable Picking

How cute would it be to take your vegan date apple or strawberry picking?! I know around here in the Orange County area, Tanaka Farms, has wagon rides where you can go pick vegetables. You could even pick the vegetables with your date and go home to cook dinner with them afterwards!

4. Go Hiking

If the vegan you’re dating enjoys the outdoors, there’s no cuter date than to go on a long day hike. Just make sure they are physically up for it and to bring plenty of vegan snacks and water. Bonus points if you have a cute dog you can bring along.

5. Dine Al-Fresco

With some states opening up, there are some restaurants you can dine outside at. Not the most creative date idea, but a classic none-the-less. Be sure to do your research and find a place with plenty of vegan options or even better, an actual vegan restaurant. Your vegan date will be totally smitten if you took the time to find an adequate restaurant.

6. Wine or Beer Tasting

Many wineries are outdoors and there are plenty of open air and outdoor breweries to take your vegan date on. My personal favorite is Modern Times, complete with a full vegan food menu. I’m not sure they’re actually open at this time but maybe by Valentine’s Day it will be. Beer tasting will be a lot easier to decipher whether or not the beverage is in fact vegan, but wine tasting could also be an option if you do the research.

7. Go on a Bike Ride

Depending on where you live, this could be really romantic! Take a ride along the beach and have a vegan picnic on the sand. So special! Just make sure your date has a bike or be willing to rent one wherever you can.

8. Volunteer

The vegan in your life is most likely very compassionate and would love to volunteer on a date with you. Volunteering can bring you two closer together and show your true colors. Pick something to do with animals, like helping at a sanctuary or shelter. Or you can do something for the environment like a beach clean up or planting trees. This would be such a thoughtful and unique date!

9. Watch the Sunset at the Beach

Okay, okay, not the most original date but it would be really special if you thought to bring some vegan snacks. It would also be really cute if you were able to snag a bonfire pit and bring vegan s'mores ingredients. You can’t just get regular s’mores ingredients so this will show you really put in the effort! Here’s a blog post on vegan s’mores so be sure to check that out if you’re planning on this date!

10. Go Kayaking

This one is great for pandemic times as you can get outside and rent separate kayaks but still have fun together! Of course, it depends on where you live where you can rent these either the ocean or a lake, but this will get you both active and it’s such a playful fun time!

There you have it! Ten vegan date ideas, and even if you aren’t vegan or your date isn’t, these could still be really fun dates for Valentine’s Day. So if you end up doing any of these, let me know in the comments below. Have a Vegan (Valentine’s) Day!

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