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Vegan Bacon Review

One thing people always say to me when they find out I’m vegan is “Oh you’re vegan? That’s great, I wish I could go vegan but I could nevvverrrrr give up bacon!” Well, luckily, there are plenty of vegan alternatives to bacon on the market these days, so there’s really no excuse not to switch out your pig bacon for a plant-based option!

I recently went to Whole Foods and found four vegan bacons to taste test and review for you, so here they are and my honest review of each. Enjoy!

I usually really like anything from Uptowns, they have different jackfruit and seitan products that are seasoned and great for easy vegan meals. Seitan is made from vital wheat gluten, so this is a great option for anyone looking to avoid soy heavy products. This vegan bacon is a little thin so you don’t need to cook it in the pan for too long, otherwise it’ll get really crispy. The flavor is pretty good, just the texture and substance of it makes me not like it as much as the other options.

This bacon gets a solid 5 out of 10 for me.

This plant based bacon is made with a hickory, sage and garlic flavor. This vegan bacon is also made with seitan but I found it interesting that this one didn’t really have the same texture as the Uptown’s, it had more of a chewy texture.

This one is pretty delicious so I give it an 8 out of 10!

I had never seen this vegan bacon before so I think it’s new on the market. It’s made of mostly coconut oil and rice paper so it’s definitely not for anyone with a coconut allergy, but good for anyone gluten or soy free. This vegan bacon cooked like real bacon, it got very greasy looking and even started bubbling. It had that really fatty taste, I think because of all the coconut oil.

I absolutely loved this one and give it a 10 out of 10!

This vegan bacon was the only bacon made from soy. And I have to be honest, it was the weirdest one. It almost has like a cardboard texture and is so stiff. It also almost tastes like bologna, so I’d give this one a hard pass if I were you. However, if you really wanted vegan bacon and there was nothing else’s not the worst you could do.

I give this vegan bacon a 3 out of 10.

And there you have it, my HONEST review of four different vegan bacons. I highly suggest checking out the Sweet Earth Benevolent Bacon and the Hooray Plant-Based Bacon next time you’re in a bacon mood. Have a vegan day!

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