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Vegan Costco Grocery Haul

While I don’t usually shop at Costco I will go once in a while to get some great staple items for my meals.

Being a single woman who lives alone, I don’t really need a lot of items in bulk. I also live in a studio, so stocking up isn’t really an option in terms of extra space.

So once some space opens up in my kitchen I’m sure to hit up Costco for the great deals on produce. Here is a run down of the items I got on my last vegan Costco grocery haul.

Organic Bananas | $1.99

I always need bananas at home. Aside from pineapple, it’s my favorite fruit! And it’s much cheaper to get the bunch at Costco.

Organic Butternut Squash | $6.69

Considering it’s now FALL I had to be sure to get this cozy classic. It comes pre-cut which makes it easier on me because I’m not sure if you’ve tried to cut a squash lately, but it is NOT easy! This will be great sautéed with a little coconut oil!

Organic Spinach | $3.99

I got this HUGE box of organic spinach. One tip for getting through all this spinach is to throw it in your morning smoothies! You don’t even taste them. Otherwise, I’ll cook a bunch down in a tofu scramble.

Frozen Berries | $11.69

Whenever I get fresh berries from the regular store they always end up going moldy before I can finish them! Not to mention, blueberries and raspberries can get so expensive for a tiny carton. That’s why I love getting this three berry blend from Costco, it’s such a deal considering you get 4 whole pounds of them at this price! It has raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. They’re delicious in my morning smoothies with banana, spinach and almond milk. Another delightful smoothie I make with this berry mix is just the berries and orange juice. It’s so tart and refreshing. Very simple but so delicious!

Pink Navel Oranges | $6.99

In saying that, I also got a huge bag of navel oranges. I have my own little hand juicer that I like to juice the oranges on for clean orange juice to throw into the smoothies. I’d also like to point out you get 8 pounds of fruit for $6.99, less than a dollar per pound. Such a great deal, especially if you juice them! Because that fresh orange juice at Whole Foods gets expensive AF.

Organic Firm Tofu | $6.99

I love it when Costco has tofu! It comes in a four pack and it makes my heart sing. Tofu is actually the one thing I can get in bulk and not have to freeze. I go through it very quickly and the fact that you get four organic packs for $6.99 makes it such a bargain.

Organic Normandy Mixed Vegetables | $11.59

I was looking for frozen organic broccoli but couldn’t find any, so this was the next best thing. A mixture of broccoli, cauliflower, orange and yellow carrots make up this great mixture. I love putting these veggies in tofu stir fry and tofu scrambles. It’s a huge 5.5LBS bag so it was definitely money well spent that will last me a while.

Organic Pre-Cooked Brown Rice | $9.19

I get this type of rice mainly out of convenience. It comes in little microwavable bowls that are great for a quick healthy carb. After I purchased this I realized how guilty I felt about all the packaging. Sometimes it’s hard to remember while it might be convenient for me, it’s probably not so convenient for the environment! Next time I’ll just go ahead and buy a bag of rice. Live n’ learn!

And there you have it, my mini grocery haul from Costco. And it all only cost me about $60, for food that will last me quite a while. I know it was mostly produce but you’d be surprised to find many solid vegan choices at Costco! I do know I’ve seen Beyond Burgers, PB Powder, Gardein products, Almond Milk, and other great vegan finds there as well. So don’t be afraid to check it out!

I’d love to hear about some great vegan products you’ve found there before, so be sure to leave a comment and let me know. Thanks and have a vegan day!

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