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Why I Love Shopping at the Grocery Outlet | Recent Cool Vegan Finds & Review

I published a new Youtube video today on a grocery haul from Grocery Outlet and rather than regurgitate everything I covered in that video, I figured today’s blog could be more about why I love the Grocery Outlet so much and a review of the fun vegan items I found there.

But before you read this blog, make sure you check out the video here:

I go into each item I got and what it cost.

And now onto why I love the Grocery Outlet so much.


Considering the name has “outlet” in it, you can pretty much already guess that it is CHEEAAAP!

Sometimes I find products I would normally find at Whole Foods or Sprouts for more than HALF OFF. For instance, I saw VIVOLIFE Mature Cheddar Style Slices at the Grocery Outlet for $2.49, at Whole Foods it’s $4.99. Such a steal.

They keep their prices so low because they are what’s called an “opportunistic buyer.” They have experts that travel the world each year that look for the best deals. When a brand has excess inventory from packaging changes or manufacturing overruns, the Grocery Outlet swoops them up for pennies on the dollar and passes on the savings to their customers.

But beware, since this is their business model, some items you saw the week before won’t be there the next. So just keep that in mind when you see incredible deals.


Each Grocery Outlet is a franchise so the local store owner always chooses products from the Grocery Outlet inventory that they know their customers will love. So that makes each store’s selection customized to its local community. So when you think about it, the more vegan products you buy there, the more there will be! That’s a win win for everyone involved.


Normally you wouldn’t expect an outlet grocery store to have fresh produce let alone carry organic produce, but the Grocery Outlet does! I’m always able to find organic lettuce, bananas, mushrooms, potatoes, onions, and much more.


The final reason I love the Grocery Outlet so much is the NOSH Aisle, which stands for Natural Organic Specialty Healthy. It always has a ton of vegan products! They even have a section for cruelty free beauty products too. Keeping up with the theme, all these products are so much more reasonably priced than at the big chain health grocery stores. Even if I don’t need anything down the aisle, I always make sure to walk down it just in case I see anything I can’t resist!


These tortillas are made with pea protein and say “vegan” right on the package! They are pretty thin and a different consistency than I’m used to for tortillas, but overall they were an excellent find because they are still tasty, but especially because they have 7 grams of protein per tortilla.

I was so excited to try this because I haven’t had beef jerky in over 10 years but I used to love it! This plant-based jerky tasted and felt like the real thing and is actually made from pea and fava bean protein. The whole bag was only 160 calories, 18g carbs, 2g of fat, and 18g of protein! Some pieces were a little hard for my chewing pleasure but these were still a great, nutritious, and tasty find.

I love that the Grocery Outlet always has vegan coffee creamer. This hazelnut flavor is good, but I was bummed because I wanted to find the peppermint mocha flavor and they didn’t have it. Overall, it was a great find at only 99 cents.

I was stoked to see they had organic soy milk with added protein from peas. They normally have a ton of plant based milk options but not usually organic. This flavor is good and it’s nice and thick for cereals or smoothies.

These chocolate bars were a bit of a splurge and definitely not the healthiest thing I bought, but when that time of the month comes around I am a chocolate fiend. I never miss any type of candy after going vegan except for chocolate and luckily there are great vegan chocolate options.

The Grocery Outlet has been having this brand for the past few weeks and the last two times I’ve gone I’ve gotten a bar. They’re just so good! The one flavor I’ve tried twice is Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate with Raw Ashinika Cacao and it is a delicious milky chocolate bar. The other one I got this time around for the first time was the Salted Organic Caramel Chocolate bar, this one is a light caramel color and just melts in your mouth. I don’t regret buying these at all, they are probably the best thing I got! Oh, and they normally cost around $5-$6 each!

Normally when I see raw nut butter at health food stores it’s so expensive! So I had to grab this jar even if it was a small one because I wanted to try it. I love raw cashew butter with dates and since I had dates at home, this was a NEED. And I don’t regret it at all, it’s so delicious I might go back and get another because it’s almost gone in a week!

Have you been to the Grocery Outlet before? If you haven’t will you try to find one and visit after reading this? Let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading, have a vegan day!

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