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Want to go vegan? You're in the right place!


Going vegan will help you live a healthier, more compassionate, and abundant life. 


When you decide to go vegan and rid your life of unnecessary cruelty, your life truly changes for the better.


In this transition guide you will find 35 pages of the following:


  • Reasons to Go Vegan

  • Five Steps from Meat Eater to Vegan

  • Vegan Grocery Essentials Shopping List

  • 7 Day Vegan Meal Plan

  • Formula for Easy Vegan Meals, an Infographic

  • Tips on Where & How to Eat Out as a Vegan

  • How to Handle Social Situations as a Vegan

  • Vegan Quotes & Inspiration to Keep You Motivated

How to Go Vegan | A Practical Guide

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